Meeting the Manager

Well well well, hasn’t it been a while? How are the kids? I know how your wife is, so no need to tell me tha-how do I know? um…let’s chat about this new save shall we? I’m sure from the title of this series that you already know what kind of thing I am going […]

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2Game FM Premier League

Look, it’s been a while I know, i’ve been busy at work and let’s be honest, you don’t look me in the eyes whilst we have sex anymore so I needed something to spice this relationship up. So i’ve joined the 2Game Premier League. It’s like bringing a third partner into bed, except it’s like […]

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Millwall #18 Electric Boogaloo

Summer transfers, summer clearout! We have done some pretty nifty business this summer and managed to get rid of some of the deadwood sitting in our club. Did I mention that it was summer? Notable Outs: Cesar Neira Cesar left us for £15m having made no appearances for the Lions. That’s actually a £15m profit […]

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